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    • Introduction
    • Specification

    1, Product features

    Nickel, chromium and nickel ferrochrome alloy is the most widely used high electric resistance alloy, the alloy with high resistivity, good oxidation resistance and wear resistance, good good machining performance and welding performance, has high strength at high temperature.The alloy is suitable for manufacturing heating elements in metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, glass, ceramics and household electrical appliances, and the voltage regulator and brake resistor of all kinds of motors.

    2, The company features

    Integrity alloy mainly produces "hot o" brand copper base low resistance heating alloy (NC003 - NC050), precision resistance alloy manganese (constantan wire, copper wire and the wire card code), high electric resistance alloy, nickel chromium alloy wire, thermocouple alloy (K, N, E, T, J), thermocouple with compensation lead alloy, PTC thermistor alloy and special wire (corrosion resistance of pure nickel wire and monel alloy) of the wire, flat bar, wire, rod, rolls and foil.

    Products with stable performance, high surface load, good oxidation resistance, high resistance rate, the proportion of light, stable temperature coefficient of resistance, etc, can be widely used in military industry, aerospace, household appliances, electric hotline, machinery, power plants, temperature gauges, and many other fields.

    Has been formed the comprehensive production capacity of 1500 tons of annual production, quality standards are Swedish kang tal (KANTHAL) level, has the highest share in the domestic market, and become more world famous brand designated suppliers.

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